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Here in WA State we are governed by the Department of Licensing AND the Office of The Insurance Commissioner.

Please send us your suggestions, comments, or even local Court experiences. If you request a reply from our President, Lobbyist, or any Board Member, we will review, then reply to your submission as quickly as possible.


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Doty & Associates, Inc.

J. Dylan Doty

"WSBAA - continually working to improve the bail industry in WA. by providing a strong presence in Olympia at our state legislature."

Our  Purpose for which this Association is organized is to;

Promote the Interests of Bail Bond Agents and Agencies in Washington State.

Assist in the Development of Policies, Rules, and Regulations beneficial to the Industry and Public.

Provide awareness to Bail Bond Agents and Agencies, along with the Public about our Industry.

Promote a Collaborative, Positive working relationship with Law Enforcement, Public Policy Officials, and other individuals to ensure the Public interest is served to the best of our abilities.

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