We are glad to know you are interested in becoming a member of the Washington State Bail Agents’ Association.  

WSBAA is the state professional association representing the state’s licensed and appointed bail agents.  The Department of Licensing and the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) recognize WSBAA as the voice of the State of Washington.  WSBAA works with our lobbyist Dylan Doty of Doty & Associates, Inc., to assist with legislation that may affect our profession.  Our goal is to protect, promote and preserve the profession.

As a WSBAA member you will have the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled training, conferences and access to a state network of colleagues and friends whom you may call upon for assistance.  Likewise, WSBAA is committed to keeping each of our members informed of the latest legislative actions, and other issues that affect our profession at all levels.

Each Bail Bond Agency is allowed two General (voting) Members and unlimited Associate Members.

General Members participate in the election of officers and board of directors and vote in the membership meetings.  They pay $200 per year membership fee and $200 per year PAC. A political action committee ( PAC) is a private group organized to elect or defeat government officials or to promote legislation. Legally, what constitutes a PAC for purposes of regulation is a matter of state and federal law.

Associate Members pay $100 per year, participate in the membership meetings and are eligible for similar privileges and benefits but do not vote in elections.

Membership is renewed annually.  

For new members, upon receipt of your application, we will submit it to the board for approval.  There is a two month probationary period. Once approved, your membership will be confirmed at the end of that period.  If for some reason your membership is declined the dues you submitted will be refunded.

Our President Courtney Wimer, along with the Association Members, welcome you to the WSBAA.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.  

​​​​​                       New Membership Application

​        WSBAAWashington State Bail Agents' Association

 The Purpose of this Association is to promote the interests of Bail Bond Agents and Agencies in Washington State and  to assist in  the development of policies, rules, and regulations beneficial to the Industry and Public. We also strive  to provide  awareness to  Bail Bond Agents and Agencies, along with the public about our industry and promote a collaborative, positive  working  relationship with Law Enforcement, Public Policy Officials, and other individuals to ensure the public interest is served to the best of our abilities.